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Winter Spiced Cranberry Liqueur

Our popular Cranberry Liqueur is back but with a twist. Spiced with warm seasonings like cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, ginger, and blended with orange peel gives this Cranberry Liqueur a spicy tart taste.


The quintessential Scandinavian spirit swaps out the juniper from its Dutch cousin in favor of dill and caraway. Our Aquavit leans toward the Danish style with predominant notes of dill and caraway balanced by coriander and just a touch of anise. Spruce tips and juniper add a bit of resin for a lingering finish. Either sipped neat or chilled, Aquavit is best enjoyed in good company - skål!

Rhubarb Elderflower Liqueur

An abundant summertime crop, rhubarb is grown all over the Long Beach Peninsula and surrounding areas both in residential gardens and small farms serving our community. Though not native to the area, this perennial grows exceptionally well and its tart stalks have found their way into both sweet and savory expressions - from crisps and pies to jams, sauces, and even vinegar. We've created our Rhubarb Elderflower Liqueur with rhubarb sourced from local farms within 40 miles of our distillery to bring this summer staple behind the bar. The sweet and fruity Elderflower complements the rhubarb's tartness in this well balanced liqueur and is sure to inspire some delightful seasonal libations.

Wheat Whiskey

We took raw and malted grain varieties from the lush Skagit Valley to create a smooth, mellow whiskey with great grain character, and imparting caramel and vanilla through aging in our No.3 char, new American oak barrels.

Old Tom Gin

We took our award-winning gin, added a little sugar, and stored it away in our used whiskey barrels to make our new Old Tom Gin. Enjoy a spirit with subtle vanilla and caramel notes, mellow botanicals and a pleasant grain character from its mingling with the charred oak barrels. Enjoy neat over ice, or add it to a classic Martini or Negroni.

Triticale Whiskey

Adrift Distillers newest addition is our Triticale Whiskey. This spirit begins its journey in Washington’s lush Skagit Valley, with seed tended to by MJW Grain, the fifth generation of farmers on the land. The heirloom grain Triticale, perfectly suited to the Washington climate, is harvested and then custom-malted by specialists at Skagit Valley Malting, to coax all the caramel sweetness and nutty complexity from its kernels. The raw grain and its two malted varieties are carefully mashed, fermented and triple distilled in our home on the Pacific ocean, then matured in American oak casks. This end result is a deep amber whiskey with notes of heavy oak, vanilla, and brown sugar on the nose. The first sip reveals depths of vanilla, marshmallow, cherry fruit and cedar with a subtle note of tobacco in the finish.

Coffee Liqueur

In creating our coffee liqueur, we decided to collaborate with a company who has been roasting coffee for the coast's discerning customers and establishments since 1992. Located just across the Columbia River in Astoria, OR, Columbia River Coffee Roaster created the signature dark and medium roasts Adrift guests have enjoyed in the hotel and restaurant for years. Using a bit of both blends, we were able to capture all the rich chocolate and toffee notes as well as more delicate floral and citrus flavors in our coffee liqueur, creating a well balanced spirit with great coffee character.



Spiced with sage, star anise, added floral notes of rose, and a citrus blend of grapefruit. This spicy seasonal blend has a kick, and can be dressed in a cocktail or sipped slowly and savored.


Cranberry Liqueur

Developed in collaboration with Starvation Alley Cranberry Farms, this liqueur celebrates a local industry steeped in tradition and those farmers who dare to be different. Using our wheat spirit, locally harvested cranberries, and just the right amount of sugar, the spirit is warm and bright with a tart kick. Great in a glass of bubbles, mixed into a margarita, or as a splash of color in a whisky-cider cocktail, this liqueur can find a home behind any bar. Recently our Cranberry Liqueur was award the Gold Medal at the American Distilling Institute's 2019 Awards.



Adrift Distillers Gin starts with our grain-to-glass, wheat based spirit, and uses a classical combination of primary gin botanicals. Collected at no less than 140 proof, this gin is savory and citrus forward, maintaining a substantial mid palate presence - perfect in a Martini or Negroni. Recently our Gin was award the Bronze Medal at the American Distilling Institute's 2019 Awards.


White Whiskey

Tasting our whiskey right off the still, we decided to bottle a few batches to remind us what would be hiding in our barrels in the months ahead. Created entirely from the wheat + rye hybrid grain triticale, our whiskey uses raw grain and two malted varieties in order to capture both the grain's softness and its spice in the final spirit.


Love Warrior Gin

Love Warrior Gin is here! We have bottled up the essence of the Pacific Northwest with hawthorn berries, elderflower and other native botanicals to our coast. This has been a proud collaboration Gin with Love Warrior Gardens and Adrift Distillers. Love Warrior Gin is also a recent recipient of a 2018 gold medal award from The Gin Is In.

The Gin Is In


Minimal filtering and small batch distillation lends our vodka a smooth, clean finish while maintaining the unique character of the raw and malted Washington grown wheat. A true grain-to-glass spirit!


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