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Washington Craft Distillery

Inspired by our distinctive landscape, and in tandem with the community that inhabits it, we craft unique spirits that reflect the place we call home.

Our peninsula occupies an in-between space; straddling the land and the sea, encompassing rolling farmland juxtaposed with wilderness, between tradition and innovation - it is in this liminal place that our spirits are created.

In each bottle we capture the spirit of Washington - the land, the values and the unique and sometimes contradictory character of this stretch of land in the Pacific Ocean.

Washington Grain.

All of our spirits start here, from waves of grain grown by Washington farmers. We carefully select farmers who share our values of fostering community and responsible stewardship of the land. We buy directly from our producers and distill our own base alcohol from their harvest.

Washington Inspired.

From our Washington base alcohol, we add local fruit and botanicals, inspired by the terroir, history and crafts that surround us. Whether it’s sodden cranberry bogs, or the ancient forests of the peninsula, we weave the story of our landscape into every bottle.

Washington Crafted.

We lovingly and meticulously craft each batch to create the perfect spirit. We draw on traditional distilling methods while utilizing innovative and modern techniques to create a uniquely Washingtonian spirit in our distillery on the coast.

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